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Compact Telescopic Night Vision Binocular

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This product is a special designed telescope for fishing, wear it looks just like floats in front, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing fishing fun. Glasses-style fishing telescope don't need you to use your hand to hold binoculars, comfortable and convenient, using high-quality optical lenses.

Meet the needs of fishing enthusiasts, the latest design adjustable focus glasses style fishing binoculars, elegant design, make clear observation of objects in the head, right close observation floats like. With goggles to prevent eye injury and reflective


  1. Glasses-style fishing binoculars, with a soft eye goggles.

  2. 10 times the standard telescope magnification to ensure that every move is clear insight into the floats and other small targets within 50-100 meters away.

  3. The left and right eyes can be adjusted independently in different magnifications.

  4. Fishermen removed myopia glasses, the same glance.

  5. The design, the unique design of the glasses type, to ensure a good stability.


Magnification: 10 times
Field of View: 12 degrees
Objective Diameter : 34MM large diameter
Exit Pupil : 58-74mm adjustable distance between eyes
Oxyoptex : -12-5D
Lens : 100% optical prism
Coating: Multi Coated better imaging of small high definition color
Material: high-strength engineering plastic
Weight: 66 grams(ultra-light)
Multi-Purpose: Suitable for fishing, watching match/concert/opera show.etc

Full use of high-strength plastic lens, durable, workmanship is very fine, all-optical glass lenses, coated multi-layer broadband anti reflection coatings, high -definition, focusing flexible, adjustable binocular eyes away.

Package includes:
1x Glasses-Style Telescope
1x Case
1x cleaning cloth
2x eyeshades
1x rope
2x rubber stand